To all those who have graduated from the Indian Guides and Princesses, and those in grades 4-12… the fun can continue! Many kids are still members and are now in High School; they just can’t stay away from the fun! To all those still in tribes but also in the 4th and 5th grades, more fun is possible!

The Trailblazers are a parent-child group that meets for monthly fun activities both nearby and far away. We don’t meet monthly in family houses and are not grouped into tribes; We don’t wear vests and go on snake dances. Trailblazers are coed. Your child can be a member of both your current tribe and of our Trailblazers after they reach 4th grade.

Trailblazers participate in more young-adult family activities. Trailblazers involve parents and their children together in a wide variety of activities and events. Also, many of our events are open to the whole family. In addition the fun, Trailblazers also focus some events on community service and charitable work!

The cost for Trailblazers is $25 per family per year plus the cost of each individual Trailblazers event. Look at our Calendar to see some of the events you can look forward to.

Parent and child, blazing new trails together.