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At our Culver’s event recently Sisseton leadership was approached by one of Culver’s staff members who turned out to be an alumni. She shared some great memories with them of her experience in the program and the many great times she had. After the Culver’s event we asked her to tell us some more about herself and her time in the program, and here’s what she had to say. Thanks Hannah for sharing your experiences with us and we’re proud to have had you as a member of our family!

Hi, guys! My name is Hannah and I’m a sophomore in college. I’m from the Grayslake area and currently am taking courses at the College of Lake County to transfer into Michigan State University as an Education major. I hope to someday have my own middle school classroom.

When I’m not studying or scooping custard at Culver’s, I’m usually reading, hanging out with friends or spending time with my family.

I joined Indian Princesses in 2005 when I was in the 1st grade. I was a part of the (then small) Navajo tribe and my princess name was Dancing Water. I was a part of the tribe for around 5 years and graduated around 6th grade. Every year, we kept pushing back my graduation; I didn’t want to leave just yet.

When I think back about my experience with Indian Princesses, there are so many fun memories that my tribe and I have from dances, campouts, contests and meetings. Nothing beat going to camp Duncan every year, one of my favorite campsites. I have many memories of sledding down the notorious “Black Hole” with the girls and wondering if that long hike up was actually worth it (it was, every time).

One of my other favorite moments are the late nights our tribe had in the cabin. This was the one time where we could get away with eating Cheetos and cookies at 11 p.m., watching movies and telling scary stories at night without getting caught by mom. I won’t ever forget all of the laughs we shared within those cabins, our dads eventually telling us that we were too goofy and needed to go to bed or else we were going to end up with Stinky Foot.

Though I made many connections with girls around me and have maintained many of these friendships, I am thankful to have been a part of the program because it made me closer to my stepdad and made me more aware of nature’s importance. Coming home, my stepdad and I always had stories to tell my mom, who would just roll her eyes and smile. Spending time with my stepdad and other tribe members allowed me to have a fun time with other girls while learning new things about nature and how to be the best version of myself.
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