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All About Gray Squirrels
Vanessa G (Jumping Unicorn, Papago Tribe, Mdewakanton)

Have you ever wondered while you were at camp about how squirrels live in the wild? Well if you are, this is the article to read. These are facts about squirrels that you can use as research, or you can use these facts to impress your family and friends. Did you know that the western gray squirrel’s body is as long as its tail? The gray squirrel is a mammal and an herbivore. The gray squirrel’s tail, claws, and teeth help it to survive in the wild. These adaptations combined help the gray squirrel to live in the woods.

The first adaptation we are going to talk about is the tail. The tail helps keep the squirrel balanced when it is running on the ground. This is why they can run so fast up trees and on the ground at camp or in the forest. For example, when a gray squirrel is running on the forest floor looking for food, it needs to balance. Another way the tail helps the gray squirrel is when it is running up a tree. For example, when a squirrel is running up a tree to go to its drey (a squirrel’s home), it needs to keep its balance. This adaptation is very important because without it ,the squirrel would fall right over.

The next adaptation is its claws. The claws on a gray squirrel help it grab onto tree bark and climb up the tree. This is also another reason why they don't fall off trees as easily as humans do. For example, when a squirrel wants to go up a tree it can use its claws to hook on to the tree bark and climb up. Another way a gray squirrel’s claws can also help it is so it can grab onto surfaces quickly. For example, when a squirrel wants to jump to another tree its claws can help it grab onto the tree right away so it does not fall off the tree. This adaptation is important because, its claws help it grip onto trees.

The final adaptation that we will talk about is the teeth. The gray squirrel’s teeth help it eat hard shelled nuts. Something that you should know about squirrels as a safety precaution is, never bother a squirrel or squirrels in the wild because they can very protective. For example, when a squirrel finds an acorn and it wants to eat it, its teeth can help break apart so the squirrel can eat the nut meat. Another way the gray squirrel uses its teeth is so it can gather things. For example, when a squirrel is gathering things to build its drey its mouth can help it take supplies up a tree where its drey is going to be. This adaptation is very important because without it, the gray squirrel would not be able to eat.

These adaptations help the gray squirrel survive in the wild. The gray squirrels adaptations help it stay safe from predators like red foxes, raccoons… . You should always remember that these wild animals will not bother you if you don't bother them.
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