Choose A Program Name

Your Indian Guide or Indian Princess program name typically incorporates an animal or aspect of nature with an appropriate adjective. Here are some examples:

Indian Guide Names:

Arrow Head
Bear Claw
Big Bear
Big Bow
Big Brave Buffalo
Big Buffalo
Big Fish
Big Moth
Big Oak
Big Running Fox
Big Sky
Big Steam Dancer
Big Thunder
Big Trout
Big Wet Bear
Big Wing
Biting Python
Black Bear
Black Elk
Black Hawk
Blazing Crocodile
Blue Fox
Blue Sky
Bow Hunter
Brave Fox
Brave Thunder
Brave Tomahawk
Bright Arrow
Bright Lightning
Bright Spirit
Broken Arrow
Burning Arrow
Burning Fire
Canoe Rider
Cloud Dancing
Coiled Snake
Crashing Wave
Crazy Fox
Crazy Horse
Crazy Legs
Crazy Squirrel
Dances With Wolves
Dark Hawk
Dune Runner
Eagle Eye
Eagle Face
Eagle Feather
Falling Rock
Fast Buck
Fast Raccoon
Fast Running Cheetah Fighting Falcon Flyer
Fire Starter
Fire Stick
Fire Bird
Flames of Steel
Flaming Arrow
Floating Moon
Floating Star
Flying Arrow
Flying Eagle
Flying Hawk
Flying Stork
Fox Tail
Galloping Horse
Gliding Eagle
Ghost Rider
Golden Arrow
Golden Bear
Golden Bobcat
Golden Eagle
Golden Eye
Golden Fox
Golden Hawk
Golden Rain
Great Eagle
Great Star
Green Iguana
Grey Feather
Grey Wolf
Growling Bear
Hairy Bear
Heavy Feather
Hoarse From Roaring
Howling Wolf
Hungry Bear
Hunting Hawk
Hunting Wolf
Ice Dancer
Ice Wolf
Indian Feather
Jack Rabbit
Jumping Deer
Jumping Wolf
Jupiter Thunder
Laughing Monkey
Laughing Squirrel
Leaping Fish
Leaping Lizard
Leaping Toad
Light Feather
Lightning Runner
Lightning Moose
Limping Wolf
Lion Heart
Little Acorn
Little Bear
Little Beaver
Little Black Hawk
Little Buffalo
Little Bull Moose
Little Cobra
Little Cougar
Little Cub
Little Devil
Little Fish
Little Grizzly Bear
Little Hawk
Little Lightening Bolt
Little Lion
Little Moth
Little Mustang
Little Owl
Little Red
Little Running Behind
Little Running Wolf
Little Shark
Little Stream Dancer
Little Turtle
Little Twig
Little Wing
Little Wolverine
Lone Howling Wolf
Lone Star
Long Bow
Long Knife
Mighty Mouse
Mighty Oak
Moon Ray
Moon Silver
Moon Sliver
Mountain Lion
Night Spirit
Old Grizzly Bear
Old Scout
Owl Moon
Painted Horse
Purple Pond
Racing Stallion
Radient Rainbow
Raging Buffalo
Raging Bull
Raining River
Raving Bull
Red Arrow
Red Cheetah
Red Dog
Red Eagle
Red Feather
Red Fox
Red Hawk
Red Eagle
Red Hawk
Red Ryder
Red Warrior
Red Wolf
Rising Son
Rising Sun
River Tender Heart
Road Runner
Roaring Tiger
Rolling Rock
Rolling Thunder
Run Like the Wind
Running Bear
Running Brave
Running Bull
Running Deer
Running Dog
Running Fox
Running Gator
Running Late
Running Lightning
Running River
Running Wolf
Rushing River
Scampering Wolf
Screaching Owl
Screaming Eagle
Screaming Scorpion
Sharp Horned Buffalo
Sharp Spear
Shining Dove
Shining Owl
Shooting Arrow
Shooting Bull
Short Change
Silver Star
Singing Dolphin
Sitting Buck
Sitting Bull
Sky Hawk
Sky Man
Sleeping Badger
Slithering Snake
Sly Snake
Snarling Wolf
Soaring Eagle
Soaring Hawk
Southern Paw
Speedy Bear
Spirit Dog
Stalking Bobcat
Storm Eagle
Straight Arrow
Strong Wind
Sun Eagle
Sun In Eyes
Super Eagle
Swift Hawk
Talking Bull
Talking Eagle
Tall Oak
Tall Snake
Tall Tree
Thunder Hoof
Thundering Moose
Tiger Tooth
Too Tall Grizzley
Trekking Star
Turtle Keeper
Two Wolves
Walking Buffalo
White Eagle
White Panther
White Shark
White Wolf
Wild Bear
Wild Boar
Wild Runner
Wile Coyote
Winter Hawk
Wrestling Bear
Young Eagle Eye

Indian Princess Names:

Amber Waterlilly
Autumn Sun
Baby Fawn
Beautiful Horse
Big Butterfly
Big Princess
Big Rainbow
Black Raven
Blonde Feathers
Blossom Flower
Blue Cub
Blue Dolphin
Blue Eagle
Blue Moon
Blue Sunshine
Bright Moon
Bright Star
Bright Sunshine
Brown Pony
Care Bear
Climbing Rock
Cotton Tail
Crawling Cub
Dances With Wolves
Dancing Bear
Dancing Butterfly
Dancing Cub
Dancing Heart
Dancing Pony
Dancing Rainbow
Dancing Star
Dancing Swan
Dancing Wind
Dareing Doe
Darting Horse
Diving Dolphin
Double Rainbow
Dream Catcher
Eagle Eye
Evening Star
Falling Snowflake
Falling Star
Fire Dragon
Fishing Bear
Flowering Blossom
Flying Bird
Flying Eagle
Flying Squirrel
Free Spirit
Friendly Eagle
Flying Butterfly
Gentle Blue Bird
Gentle Dove
Glowing Moon
Golden Eagle
Golden Pony
Golden Star
Golden Sun
Golden Sunset
Golden Sunshine
Good Feather
Gray Wolf
Grinning Bear
Happy Cloud
Happy Hedgehog
Honey Bear
Hopping Foot
Hopping Frog
Howling Coyote
Howling Dog
Howling Wolf
Leaping Deer
Legal Eagle
Lightening Bolt
Little Bear
Little Blossom
Little Blue Eyes
Little Blue Feather
Little Bright Star
Little Buck
Little Butterfly
Little Canoe
Little Dolphin
Little Eye
Little Fawn
Little Feather
Little Flower
Little Fox
Little Golden Bear
Little Lake
Little Licking Kitty
Little Manatee
Little Misschief
Little Moose
Little Mouse
Little Rabbit
Little Rainbow
Little Red Fox
Little Rock
Little Running Bear
Little Running Bee
Little Shooting Star
Little Snow Bear
Little Spark
Little Stream
Little Thunder
Little Thunderbull
Little Tiger
Little Turtle
Little Wing
Little Wolf
Lone Star
Love Bird
Mama Bear
Moon Bear
Moon Face
Moon Silver
Moonlight Flower
Morning Cloud
Morning Dove
Morning Sun
Morning Star
Mountain Flower
Night Flower
Night Owl
Peeping Fawn
Pink Blossom
Pink Cloud
Pouncing Wolf
Prairie Falcon
Prancing Pony
Pretty Kitty
Princess Bee
Princess Butterfly
Princess Cloud
Princess Flower Sky
Princess Glowing Moon
Princess Happy Talk
Princess Little Dove
Princess Lone Tree
Princess Moonbeam
Princess Moonflower
Princess of the Water
Princess Singing Grass
Princess Snowflake
Princess Squirrel
Princess Star
Princess Thunder
Princing Deer
Proud Eagle
Purple Cloud
Purple Dawn
Raccoon Eyes
Raging Bull
Rain Cloud
Rain Drop
Rainbow Brite
Rainbow Flower
Rainbow Warrior
Red Robin
Red Sky
Rising Moon
Rising Star
Rising Sun
Roaring Water
Cloud Rose Petal
Round Moon
Run Like The Wind
Running Bull
Running Bunny
Running Deer
Running Horse
Running Rainbow
Running River
Running Roadrunner
Running Skunk
Running Star
Running Tail
Running Wind
Runs Like the Wind
Rushing River
Sea Turtle
Shimmering Sand
Shining Daisy
Shining Red Star
Shining Ring
Shining Wolf
Shivering Deer
Shooting Arrow
Shooting Star
Silver Bass
Silver Star
Singing Bird
Singing Songbird
Singing Water
Sleeping Fawn
Smiling Puppy
Smiling Star
Snoaring Bear
Soaring Eagle
Sparkling Moon
Sparkling Star
Sparkling Stream
Spring Star
Spring Tulip
Squash Blossom
Star Finder
Starlite Princess
Straight Arrow
Strong Wind
Sun Flower
Sunlight Princess
Swift Eagle
Swimming Cat
Swimming Frog
Swimming Otter
Tender Warrior
Thunder Cloud
Thunder Light
Tiger Lilly
Tiger Lily
Tiger Paw
Tiger Tooth
Tiger Tulip
Walking Bear
Water Lilly
Whispering Wind
White Buffalo
White Cloud
White Eagle
White Pearl
White Sun
White Wolf
Wild Coyote
Wild Eagle
Wild Flower
Wild Horse
Wind Dancer
Wind in Golden Hair
Wolf Eyes
Yellow Peacock
Yellow Sunflower